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Maoz, H., Grossman-Giron, A., Baruch, N., Sedoff, O., Nitzan, U., & Tzur Bitan, D. (2024). Sex Differences in Response to Intranasal Oxytocin as an Adjunctive Therapy for Patients with Severe Mental Illness. Submitted.


Sedoff, O., Feingold, D., Neria, Y., & Tzur Bitan, D. (2024). Social support as a resilience factor in the aftermath of October 7th terror attack in Israel. Submitted.


Nitzan, U., Grossman-Giron, A., Sedoff, O., Maoz, H., Arad, O., Tilbor, E., Dror, C., & Tzur Bitan, D. (2024). Inpatient's, therapist's and staff's expectations regarding treatment and their effects on placebo response in the psychiatric ward – results from an add-on oxytocin RCT. Psychopharmacology, in press.


Sedoff, O., Shalev, S., Netzer, R., Saad, A., Mendlovic, S., Gregory, R., Tzur Bitan, D. (2024). Supervisees perspectives of challenges and opportunities in cross-cultural implementation of psychodynamically oriented therapy in Israel. Practice Innovations. Advance online publication. Read More

Maoz, H., Grossman-Giron, A., Sedoff, O., Nitzan, U., Kashua, H., Yarmishin, M., Arad, O., & Tzur Bitan, D. (2024). Intranasal oxytocin as an adjunct treatment among patients with severe major depression with and without comorbid borderline personality disorder. Journal of Affective Disorders, 347, 39-44. Read More

Tzur Bitan, D., Grossman-Giron, A., Sedoff, O., Zilcha-Mano, S., Nitzan, U., & Maoz, H. (2023). A double-edged hormone: The moderating role of personality and attachment on oxytocin's treatment facilitation effect. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 151, 106074. Read More‏‏

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