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Grossman-Giron, A., Bitan, D. T., Shemesh, S., Mayer, Y., Shiffman, N., & Bloch, Y. (2023). COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy scale and its association with actual COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Israel. Vaccine, 41(9), 1567-1572. Read More

Grossman-Giron, A., Maoz, H., Nitzan, U., Kivity, Y., Zilcha-Mano, S., Bloch, Y., Mendlovic, S., & Tzur Bitan, D. (2023). Intranasal oxytocin as add-on treatment for inpatients with severe mental illness: a randomized clinical trial. Neuropsychobiology, 82(1), 14-23. Read More‏‏

Grossman-Giron, A., Tzur Bitan, D., Mendlovic, S., Shemesh, S., & Bloch, Y. (2022). Distress and Well-Being Among Psychiatric Patients in the Aftermath of the First COVID-19 Lockdown in Israel: A Longitudinal Study. International Journal of Public Health, 67, 1604326. Read More

Grossman‐Giron, A., Becker, G., Kivity, Y., Shalev, S., & Tzur Bitan, D. (2021). Mental pain intensity and tolerance as predictors of psychotherapy process and outcome. Journal of clinical psychology, 77(6), 1296-1306. Read More

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